Nutritional Packages

  • 1 hour consultation catered to meet your individual needs
  • highlight major problem areas
  • full body measurement and body fat
  • point client in the direction of their goals.
Cost: $70.00 (HST included)
  • 2 one hour consultations
  • 5 half-hour follow-up sessions
  • personalized eating program
  • personalized healthy recipes
  • re-vamping of everyday activities
  • snacking ideas
  • full body measurement and body fat
  • exercise direction.
Cost: $180.00 (HST included)
  • 1 one hour consultation to follow-up on goals and correct any problems that are occurring
  • full measurement and body fat analysis.
Cost: $60.00 (HST included)



A little something about me! I used to be over-weight and I constantly struggled with my diet.  I didn't know what to eat or how much exercise I should get.  I never knew what to do!  Finally I decided to gain knowledge about what was happening to me and my education process began.  I attended school, read books and started talking to people about what worked for them.  With a lot of hard work and determination, I achieved the ultimate goal!  I lost 30 pounds and I learned the importance of eating properly. Since 1994 I have been constantly challenging myself and overcoming my weight gain fears, which has allowed me to have the greatest gift of all...the gift of success, without failure!

Well, let's start with NATURAL; food that is readily available from nature.  Due to society's ecological carelessness, we now need to specialize in "organic" produce.  This has become important as natural foods focus on avoiding additives, prefabricated and refined foods, chemical sprays, and food without extra sugars, salts, and flavorings. Keep in mind that we need to be the caretakers of our Earth and only then are we able to receive the best possible diet, by living harmoniously and productively with the land.  Examples of natural foods would be: fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, whole grain breads, fresh meats and fish.  Examples of un-natural foods: processed breads, TV dinners, breaded frozen meats and fish. Next we have ALIVE; food that has a positive energy force.  Studies have shown the comparisons of energy fields of foods that have been grown with/without chemicals sprays or hormones; farmers that truly do or don't care for their crops; and organic vs. non-organic meats and vegetables have shown amazing results.  

The alive, "organic" foods had a higher electric charge within them vs. the foods that didn't.  That's why many people are choosing to eat "raw" alive foods because not only are our depleted soils ruining our crops, along with the environment but our cooking processes are drawing the vitamins and minerals out of our foods and destroying the structure of the foods we eat. Examples of alive foods would be: raw vegetables, fresh fruits, sprouted whole grain breads and raw meats.

Our last one is GOOD; food that is not depleted and helps maintain balance and variety in our bodies.  Food is what keeps us going but if it is not rich we will actually be depleting our bodies of what it needs.  Eating "unrefined" foods that contain no additives and preservatives and are not stripped of their fiber and nutrients helps increase our chances of not having health problems.  By choosing food that is rich in vitamins and minerals; that has been cared and nurtured for by rich, healthy land and loved for by a farmer named "Jed", we have chosen all those things for us and everything that is "good".  Examples of good food would be: organic "alive" food that has not been sprayed with pesticides or injected with artificial growth hormones and food that has been grown positively.

After reading this brochure, I hope that you can begin to recognize the importance in making the right food choices. These are choices that I have made in my life to support my body in living a long and healthy life. Now it is your turn to make the same choice and I can help you to succeed, just as I did. After completing this "NAG" process, we make it possible for our bodies to work at their utmost, attainable level.  There are few things in life that we can control but eating is one of them!