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Our facility has top-of-the line fitness equipment.

We have a multi-station by Body Solid that provides health club quality strength training.  It features Press Arm Station for bench press, incline press, shoulder press, and chest supported mid-row exercises.

There is a fully adjustable Perfect Pec Station with range limiters, allowing you to achieve deeper muscle penetration. The Leg Press/Calf Press Station operates on a 2 to 1 weight ratio giving the EXM3000LPS the awesome capacity of a 420 lb. leg press!

For your cardiovascular needs, we have the Precor 517i Elliptical Cross trainer that yields significantly more lower-body activity for the glutes and quads than a stair climber, stationary bike or treadmill.  There are 3 different programs and 20 resistance levels that help keep routines fresh, varied and challenging for faster results and sustained motivation.  All Precor products are engineered to move the way you move!

We also offer a full line of free weights. They will help you maximize your workout and add definition to your body. Additional equipment includes: resistance tubing, Reebok Core Board Training, Stability Ball Training, Body Bar Exercise and an Abdominal Bench.  Full training is provided and suited to your specific needs.