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Q & A

Question: I was just recently told that I had Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy, what is the cause?

Answer: BPH, also known essentially as an enlarged prostate usually begins between the ages of 35 to 50.  By the age of 50, nearly 25% of all men have BPH, by age 70, nearly 50% and by age 80, almost 80% of men will have BPH.  Some of the known causes are:
Question: What are good sources of Vitamin D and what importance does it have on my body?

Answer: Vitamin D is a very important vitamin and is necessary for growth, especially important for teeth and bones. It protects against muscle weakness and irregular heartbeat. Vitamin D is used int he prevention and treatment of breast and colon cancer, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. Severe deficiencies of Vitamin D are rickets and osteomalacia. Lesser degrees of deficiencies is a loss of appetite, burning sensation in mouth and throat, diarrhea, insomnia, visual problems, weight loss, osteopenia and osteoporosis. Contraindications and comments concerning Vitamin D: Disorders of the liver, gallbladder and intestines can interfere with Vitamin D absorption. Also, certain drugs can interfere with absorption (cholesterol lowering, antacids, steroids) and others disturb the body's calcium/Vitamin D ratio. Taking excessive amounts can be toxic. Sources of Vitamin D are fish liver oils, fatty saltwater fish, dairy products, eggs and butter.

Question: I am approaching my mid-thirties and I wanted to make sure that I was not eating foods that decrease my calcium absorption, as my mother has been diagnosed with osteoporosis.  Could you please tell me what foods may cause this?

Answer: Of course!  Certain foods do cause a decrease in calcium absorption and family history can be a cause for concern.  The following are some foods that decrease absorption: There are many other factors to take into consideration and if you would like more information please contact me!