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"Shannon is a wonderful, supportive trainer who most importantly LISTENS when her client explains the goals that she hopes to achieve thru working out.  I have worked with Shannon for over a year and it has been a year of striving and doing things I would not have believed I could do.  Shannon takes an integrated approach to fitness - dealing with attitude, physical activity, lifestyle and diet.  I have seen Shannon train others and her techique is tailored to suit the individual client not just "one size fits all".  I believe that training with Shannon is a gift that you give yourself."
  • Gayle

"Before getting started with Shannon, owner of Healthier At Home Personal Training and Natural Nutrition, my body was flabby, heavy and unbalanced. That is to say, I had lost some weight, but didn't know how to improve my body beyond that. I was still heavy and the limbs on my right side were signifigantly larger than those on my left. I knew I had to work out, but the thought of going to Curves, or any gym made me cringe. I didn't know how to properly train my muscles and I didn't want to waste my valuable time running around to workouts that would do little to truly improve my SHAPE.

Begin training with Shannon at a private facility. How perfect! I could get REAL, PROFESSIONAL counselling about my nutrition and get the BEST PERSONAL TRAINING POSSIBLE!

Running shoes $100.00
Workout pants that fit $50.00
Not wasting my time and energy trying to find something that produces REAL RESULTS..... PRICELESS.

Since starting with Healthier at Home, I have lost 29.5 inches and 15.8 lbs and 5.6 % body fat, WITH ONLY 6 MONTHS OF TRAINING! 'Nuff said!"
  • Cherie