Other Services

Preparing Raw Foods Workshops

Do you have an interest in preparing raw foods?
Is proper nutrition important to you?
I would recommend signing up for one of my classes

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Walk/Run Club

Have you always wanted to run?
Do you enjoy a nice brisk walk in the morning?
Contact Healthier At Home today to start increasing your endurance and challenge your strength.

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Auricular Candling (Ear Candling)

Ear candling is used as a healing agent for releasing stress and as a non-invasive way to gently remove impacted material from the ear canal.

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Personal Training

Your first FREE consultation begins with an assessment of your lifestyle.  We will take a look at your goals, your commitments, such as, family, work and everyday stressors.  The length of this consultation will vary dependant upon each individual's needs. Upon completion of your consultation, the information you have supplied will provide me with the tools to design your individual fitness and nutrition program.

If you decide to continue your life changing process, then I will be there to assist you. Each program will include:

  • 1 hour, one-on-one, customized fitness training
  • on-going nutritional counseling; weekly recipes, catered to each
  •  motivational tips and techniques, as well as
  • stress reducing methods according to each individuals needs and beliefs.

I sell training packages of 3, 6, 12, 24 and can do in home training, or you can come to our facility.